Letters from campers and parents

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Parent of thirteen year old first time camper

"Dear Members and Supporters of The Campership Fund,
Thank you all so much for the grant you awarded to … He had a most wonderful time at camp. I know he had no idea how marvelous an experience it was going to be for him and how many “firsts” he would experience. He went horseback riding and water skiing for the first time, to name a couple. (In his note home to me he wrote, “I managed to stand on the skies!”) As you can see, his spelling leaves much to be desired, but I’ll probably always giggle inwardly when I think of him skiing the skies.

Figuratively, he was doing just that, freeing himself from some of mortal mind’s false rules. The daily Bible lessons, loving camp personnel and fellow campers, as well as the marvelous, well-organized activities gave him unforgettable lessons and lasting warm memories. He is already anxious to go again next year!"

Eleven year old first time camper

"Dear Campership Fund,
Thank you so much for letting me go to camp for the first time ever. It was so much fun. I learned so much about God that I never knew before. My counselors taught me so many ways I can appreciate God and so many ways to thank, respect, and love Him more. Now I know that God is always there and that I don’t need to be afraid of anything that life gives me.

I made so many friends and my counselors were awesome. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were so yummy and the desserts were super good. I loved it and I had so much fun. I got to do a lot of stuff that I can’t do in Florida like archery, zipline and paddle surfing.

Thank you so much I loved camp and I wish that I can go again and again. Once again thank you so so much."

Seventeen year old camper

"I am writing in order to thank you for your contribution to my camp experience this summer. I have been attending camp for 6 years now but this summer was easily the biggest and best of them all. I learned so many things through the help of my counselors and it would be impossible to write about all of them.

Camp has given me so much, and I am so grateful for your contribution."